Dennis R Sumlin, City College, New York.

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Don’t let life happen to you, let life happen through you.

  • Are you experiencing a lack of confidence around one-on-one or public communication?
  • Do you need more clarity around your long term goals and your purpose?
  • Do you want to attract the right people to you, just by being yourself?

Hello, my name is Dennis R Sumlin, and I have gone through the ups and downs of confidence and clarity, strength and weakness, and finding my place as a man. That, along with my background in confidence coaching puts me in an exhalent position to help you become the man you know you want to be. I am a promoter of positive change, and I am passionate about helping you to move through the world with core confidence.

You are an ambitious self-starter who knows what you want, but anxiety and a lack in self-confidence seems to be slowing your progress, and you are done putting up with it!

  • Become a confident communicator: Deliver your thoughts with clarity, maintain rapport.
  • See your goals clearly: Step by step plans, the mind-set to maintain momentum.
  • Attract the right people: know what you want on the deepest level, get to know yourself.

If you are an ambitious man with the drive to succeed, I am the coach for you!


Dennis R Sumlin teaching a public speaking class

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