Dennis R Sumlin, Coach, Consultant, Educator

Dennis R Sumlin talking to a class at City College of New York

Dennis R Sumlin, Coach, Consultant, Educator

Passionate promoter of positive change

Are you a new public speaker who needs to develop your confidence and messaging? Are you a busy “type A” like entrepreneur wanting to work smarter not harder? Has your lack of self-confidence slowed down your productivity and affects your relationships?

Hello, my name is Dennis R Sumlin. As an Educator, Coach and Consultant, I specialize in public speaking, leadership, and a soul based lifestyle. These specialties help millennial entrepreneurs, business executives and public service workers to have more impact, advance in their career, and become a leader in all areas of life.

With a strong background in voice performance, entrepreneurship, public service, and men’s personal development, I leave my clients with greatly improved communication skills, enhanced productivity, and feeling more confident and in control of their lives. They gain a better understanding on how they work, as a person, from the inside out.

I became a coach and educator because I wanted to support the development of a healthy self-esteem and a more conscious way of being oneself. I wanted to help counter societies limiting messages and stigmas around manhood, disability, and related topics. Like many men, on the outside I came across strong and confident, and I wanted to do big things. My inner voice had different ideas. For years I bounced and toggled between confidence and lack thereof, from passionate to depressive, which affected all areas of my life from work to relationships. It slowed down my progress as a teacher and performer. To solve this, I dived into the world of personal development and spirit awareness. I had no male role model or guidance, so I did it the long hard way.

I came to understand that many men move through the world with a poor self-image and low confidence and I wanted to move that needle. I also came to understand that we, as individuals have enormous power to shape things in our lives, but many of us do not know how or bother to use this power. When we are able to tune into ourselves on a deeper level, and live from our soul instead of the ego, we will see huge improvements.

As a speaker, I greatly improved my craft the more confident and soul centered I became. In my career, I became more focused and intentional when I acted from my soul. I related better with people and gained a better understanding about how I work in relationships, intimate and otherwise. I am far more comfortable with myself, grounded as a man, and I want the same for you. To stay in the game, play the long one!

Erickson Certified ICF Accredited Life Coach

I hold a Life Coach certification from Erickson College International, as well as a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) certification from Toastmasters International (Speaking and Leadership), where I have won a few speaking contests.

Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Speaking and Leadership award

I have appeared on radio spots for companies such as Vanda pharmaceutical and other brands, and have spoken at places such as The City College Of New York. I am the host of a few podcast shows as well.

Dennis R Sumlin in Orlando Florida


To schedule your initial coaching session or if you’d like for me to be a guest speaker at your upcoming event, contact me at or call my New York City office at 929-224-0085

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