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Dennis R Sumlin is a passionate promoter of positive change. As a Coach, Trainer and Speaker, He specializes in confidence building and healthy self-esteem. His services help clients get past fear and develop their public and interpersonal communication skills, develop a healthier relationship with self and others, and staying the course towards their goals.

Summit Episode 87, 9 ways to become more charming

As a coach, I get asked often about how to be more likable and personable. Today we will look at nine ways you can turn on that charm. Charlene and I even get into a discussion on the difference between charm and charisma. What’s the difference?

Dennis R Sumlin and Charlene Bowden will charm the socks […]

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CCL Episode 1, What is Core Confidence, Millennial men and manhood

Any time is a good time to introduce a new podcast. As you know, I am all about helping you build that core confidence, that belief in yourself so you can be the best speaker and leader you can be. This show gives me a chance to serve you more effectively.

Let the show begin.
Let […]

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Summit Episode 86, 8 ways of thinking that block success from happening

Access to success is not denied to anybody. Often, we are standing in our own way, blocking our own success. One of the ways we do that is mind-set. Yes yes, its all about the mind-set. The thoughts we have can decide how close we get to success, what ever that may be for you. […]

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Summit Episode 85, 7 Things never never to expect from others, or you’re in for a letdown!

Many of us approach the world, and other people with a system of expectations and assumptions. These assumptions are formed by factors ranging from somebody’s appearance, to what social category they belong to. The thing is, many of these expectations are wrong. This week, we look at 7 things you should never expect from people. […]

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Summit Episode 84, 5 Attributes you need to have a powerful influence on people

How would you feel if you were able to influence people. If you had the power to get people to follow you, and take action on your message? You can do that! This week, Charlene and I talk about 5 attributes that you can develop to influence others. If you want to be a powerful […]

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Summit Episode 83, 10 Obvious truths that people forget

The truth shall set you free. Regardless of what your beliefs are, the truth is the one surefire way that you can reach success. At some point, we all must take a hard look at some universal truths that we all know, but we forget.

In an earlier show, we looked at 10 brutal truths, and […]

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Summit Episode 82, 8 Major things never to discuss at work

When you are at work, what kinds of conversations do you have? While I personally believe that adults can discuss what ever they want, it is still a good idea to keep in mind who you are talking to and where. When you are at work, there are things that may be better left outside […]

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Summit Episode 81, 3 Tips on how to focus at work when your mind is drifting

Focus focus focus. We hear it all the time. “We must have discipline and focus at work”. The question is, how do we focus. When we are at work all day, and our mind drifts, why is that, and how do we refocus. That is the topic that we are focused on today.

Dennis R Sumlin […]

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Summit Episode 80, 5 Fantastic ways to show love to yourself

In your life, who do you love? I am sure you have some names in mind when hearing that question. The real question is, are one of the loved people you? Do you love yourself? It may sound like an odd question to some, but many of us do not focus on really loving ourselves. […]

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3 Ways to connect to your soul, and sidestep the ego

As humans, we have a lot in common. As individuals, we are very different. As humans, we are all one. As individuals, we are vibrating at different frequencies. We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. There are many lessons to learn in this life, and we have a guide to help us through it, […]

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