Summit Episode 79, 5 Proven ways to start your business with the right mind-set

It’s been a long time coming. You want to start your business. You are tired of working for the man, and you are ready to strike out on your own. How do you get started? I have spoken about starting your business from different angles, and on this show, Charlene and I will talk about […]

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Summit Episode 78, 10 best practices for practicing

To do anything well, we must practice it. Whether it be that upcoming speech, the basketball game you have next week, or the basket weaving class you have tomorrow. We all know the old phrase “practice makes perfect”, while nothing is always perfect, practicing your craft will make you quintillion times better than just sitting […]

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Summit Episode 77, 10 Ways to build rapid rapport

Interpersonal communication is vital for almost anything you do in life. As a coach, I help people speak from the heart, relate to others, and come across engaging. How do you do that? On today’s show, Charlene and I will look at 10 things you can do to build rapid rapport. The sooner you build […]

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Summit Episode 76, Interviewing heavy hitters in the job and entrepreneurial world!

On this special Summit podcast, we have 2 interviews.

Charlene interviews an author.

Today, no matter what job level you are seeking, you need to “lose the resume” and, instead, learn to tell a story about yourself that speaks directly to your competencies, purpose, passion, and values, according to the highly-anticipated new book “Lose the Resume, Land […]

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Summit Episode 75, 7 Daily methods to manage stress effectively

The management of stress is a very important topic. When you leave stress to build up, the explosion will not be pretty. The topic on destroying stress has been looked at, and on this week’s show, Charlene and I look at it again. We have 7 methods for you to practice.

If you are challenged with […]

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Summit Episode 74, How to boost your professional success using public speaking

As a Core Confidence Coach, I help clients develop their public speaking skills. Most people have some fear or anxiety around speaking in front of people. Even though this is a fear, if the fear is put to the side, public speaking will pay more benefits than you may think. This is a surefire way […]

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Summit Episode 73, 4 major mistakes to avoid to maintain forward momentum

Making mistakes is a part of life. We can learn from those mistakes to improve our future. The more we learn from past mistakes, the more momentum we have moving forward. There are some mistakes that we should try hard to avoid. On this week’s show, Charlene and I will look at 4 mistakes you […]

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3 Ways to connect to your soul, and sidestep the ego

As humans, we have a lot in common. As individuals, we are very different. As humans, we are all one. As individuals, we are vibrating at different frequencies. We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. There are many lessons to learn in this life, and we have a guide to help us through it, […]

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Summit Episode 72, 3 Reasons why some people will not enjoy your positive change

When we decide to upgrade ourselves and make those positive changes, many people will support us and be inspired by such a change. As I spoke about in 3 Things that change when you change, positive growth will reform every aspect of your life.

The down side is that not everybody will be happy […]

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Summit Episode 71, How to build core confidence in 5 steps

How do you build confidence. While confidence is the belief that you can do something, core confidence is the belief in yourself as a person. Core Confidence is the name of my game. I have written quite a lot on confidence, and I enjoy when my clients begin to sweep away their insecurities and become […]

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