Summit Episode 69, 5 steps to start your business while broke, & Jobs of the future

On this week’s show we have a special treat. The first part of the show, I will be telling you how to start your own business with little to no money. In other words, start your business broke. After that, Charlene will conduct an interview with a special guest. The topic will be jobs of […]

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What’s the difference between pleasure and happiness

What is the difference between pleasure and happiness? We tend to use these words interchangeably, but they are not the same. While they may feel the same at times, they come from different places.

In the below video, I talk about the difference between the two concepts, and 3 steps to bring you closer to one […]

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Summit Episode 68, 7 communication mistakes to avoid at work

As a coach, one of the main challenges that many of my clients face is interpersonal communication. This includes communication at the workplace. Co-workers, supervisers, and all the moving parts at the office can be crazy. This week, Charlene and I talk about some of the mistakes that people make in the office, and better […]

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Summit Episode 67, 13 Ways leaders can improve communication Part 3

Become the leader you wish you were lead by! It’s time for the third and final part of our talk about leadership and communication. These last four points are important, so let us lead the way!

Dennis R Sumlin and Charlene Bowden lead the way in communication…again!

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Summit Episode 66, 13 Ways leaders can improve communication Part 2

Its now time for the continuation of leadership, and how to communicate most effectively. Last time we spoke about body language, and what to do while another person is talking. Lets look at some more tips to have your team tapping!

Dennis R Sumlin and Charlene Bowden lead you into effective leadership communication!

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Summit Episode 65, 13 Ways leaders can improve communication Part 1

I talk a lot on this sight about leadership. Being a leader has nothing to do with your title, and has everything to do with who you are. That being said, if you find yourself in a position of leadership, I know you want to be as effective as possible. This week, Charlene and I […]

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6 Clear differences between boys and men

When does a boy become a man? According to law, it’s 18, but does that mean manhood? There is no clear difference between 17 and 18. During that time, boys are at various stages of maturity. Mentoring inner city teens has certainly shown me that while 1 kid can be very responsible and respectful; another […]

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Summit Episode 64, 7 Ways of a great leader, part 2

This is the second part of the seven things that make great leaders. This week, we continue our review of the article in question. What aditudes to watch out for, how to work with your team, and much more. So lets get our leader on!

Dennis R Sumlin & Charlene Bowden lead the conversation about leaders….again!

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Summit Episode 63, 7 Ways of a great leader, part 1

What is a leader? Do you think of yourself as one? There are many different ways we can talk about being a leader. On this two part discussion, Charlene and I talk about the everyday actions and attitudes of an effective leader. On the first part, I spend time talking about the Deification of different […]

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7 more super steps to take on the world with confidence

How would your life change if you felt more confident? Think about it. Does it feel good? As a coach, I speak about confidence all the time. Today is no different.

In a previous article, I put forth 7 ways to pump that confidence up, and now I will give you 7 more to add to […]

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