Summit Episode 87, 9 ways to become more charming

As a coach, I get asked often about how to be more likable and personable. Today we will look at nine ways you can turn on that charm. Charlene and I even get into a discussion on the difference between charm and charisma. What’s the difference?

Dennis R Sumlin and Charlene Bowden will charm the socks […]

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Summit Episode 82, 8 Major things never to discuss at work

When you are at work, what kinds of conversations do you have? While I personally believe that adults can discuss what ever they want, it is still a good idea to keep in mind who you are talking to and where. When you are at work, there are things that may be better left outside […]

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3 Steps to reduce public speaking anxiety

Anxiety, that little devil. We all have felt it, and on this Q and A post, a reader asks me about how to move past it.

Q: “What are some techniques a first-time speaker can use to diminish anxiety?”

In the audio answer below I cover…

The Pregame
The Mental Prep
The stage step

If you have a question about communication, […]

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How should you speak when delivering a speech?

When delivering a speech, how should you speak? If you guessed voice, you are right, but not the answer I am talking about.

When you are on stage, giving a speech, you should sound confident, knowledgeable about your topic and so on. It use to be that public speakers would use very sophisticated, high […]

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3 effective speech practice techniques

Practice, practice, practice. I know it can be tedious, but it pays off in the end. You have a speech coming up. You want to make sure everything flows smoothly. You do not want to freeze because you were not prepared. Practice, practice, practice. There are a few ways […]

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3 Methods to tackle fear of speaking

Picture it… are about to give a speech. This is a very important speech. You have prepared your outline, your slides and props, and you even have a great opening, but then you feel it. It grips you. The intense feeling of fear hits you. What do you do? […]

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How to develop a strong opening for your speech

The way you open your speech can determine just how the rest of your speech goes. The opening is the chance to capture the audiences interest, set the energy level and other things. How do you put together a strong opening? How do you open your speech with a bang? Lets […]

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What is the 1 thing that will touch your audience?

The purpose of a speech is to leave the audience with something. That something could be knowledge, motivation, inspiration, or some action steps. The question is, how do you move the audience in that direction. There is a way. A sure fire way to reach deep inside each person, and move […]

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1 Thing that shapes the mood of your speech

What is the one thing that can shape the mood of your speech? The one thing that will make sure your presentation becomes an interesting journey for your audience.

Are you ready? Its your voice! This being a site that helps make men better communicators, I have gone on and on […]

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How to speak using the power of 3

The number “3” is one powerful digit. Its usage is well known. 3 Blind mice, 3 stooges, 3 musketeers, and if you remember the movie “Total Recall”, 3 showed up there as well. Whoop whoop!

This number is also used in a speech. The number “3” helps focus you. How? […]

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