Healthy intimacy

The Essay of Sex, The primal drive

As humans, we have a few basic instinctual needs. We have the need to eat. This maintains our life and gives us energy. We have the instinct for self-preservation. That is where things like “fight or flight” come in. Our body and mind tries to keep us safe in other ways, such […]

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6 powerful tips to have an awesome sex life

Sex is one of the most basic of human instincts. It is a primal need. It is the raw drive that can bring humans together. Sex can bond people, bring enjoyment, keep us healthy, and create life. Sex is both simple and complex, and can make or break relationships. With […]

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The history of self pleasure, getting a grip on it!

It’s a handy topic in deed. Something that has been going on for about a quadrillion years, and for just as long, some people have condemned it, and others benefit from it. What is it? Masturbation. According to statistics, 78% of people masturbate. On average, more men masturbate than women. […]

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