Summit Episode 86, 8 ways of thinking that block success from happening

Access to success is not denied to anybody. Often, we are standing in our own way, blocking our own success. One of the ways we do that is mind-set. Yes yes, its all about the mind-set. The thoughts we have can decide how close we get to success, what ever that may be for you. […]

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Summit Episode 85, 7 Things never never to expect from others, or you’re in for a letdown!

Many of us approach the world, and other people with a system of expectations and assumptions. These assumptions are formed by factors ranging from somebody’s appearance, to what social category they belong to. The thing is, many of these expectations are wrong. This week, we look at 7 things you should never expect from people. […]

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Summit Episode 82, 8 Major things never to discuss at work

When you are at work, what kinds of conversations do you have? While I personally believe that adults can discuss what ever they want, it is still a good idea to keep in mind who you are talking to and where. When you are at work, there are things that may be better left outside […]

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Summit Episode 81, 3 Tips on how to focus at work when your mind is drifting

Focus focus focus. We hear it all the time. “We must have discipline and focus at work”. The question is, how do we focus. When we are at work all day, and our mind drifts, why is that, and how do we refocus. That is the topic that we are focused on today.

Dennis R Sumlin […]

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Summit Episode 80, 5 Fantastic ways to show love to yourself

In your life, who do you love? I am sure you have some names in mind when hearing that question. The real question is, are one of the loved people you? Do you love yourself? It may sound like an odd question to some, but many of us do not focus on really loving ourselves. […]

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What’s the difference between reacting and responding?

What’s the difference between reacting and responding. Which one do you do most often? Do those words sound like they mean the same? Well….think again.
Lets talk about it!

The Difference between reacting and responding is…..

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What’s the difference between pleasure and happiness

What is the difference between pleasure and happiness? We tend to use these words interchangeably, but they are not the same. While they may feel the same at times, they come from different places.

In the below video, I talk about the difference between the two concepts, and 3 steps to bring you closer to one […]

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6 Clear differences between boys and men

When does a boy become a man? According to law, it’s 18, but does that mean manhood? There is no clear difference between 17 and 18. During that time, boys are at various stages of maturity. Mentoring inner city teens has certainly shown me that while 1 kid can be very responsible and respectful; another […]

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7 more super steps to take on the world with confidence

How would your life change if you felt more confident? Think about it. Does it feel good? As a coach, I speak about confidence all the time. Today is no different.

In a previous article, I put forth 7 ways to pump that confidence up, and now I will give you 7 more to add to […]

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The essay of trust, the sacred investment.

To trust is the reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing. Trust is one of the most sacred of values. When we trust somebody, we are open to them. We are confident that this person will keep our secrets, be respectful with our emotions, and show unwavering loyalty.

It can […]

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