Summit Episode 68, 7 communication mistakes to avoid at work

As a coach, one of the main challenges that many of my clients face is interpersonal communication. This includes communication at the workplace. Co-workers, supervisers, and all the moving parts at the office can be crazy. This week, Charlene and I talk about some of the mistakes that people make in the office, and better […]

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6 Clear differences between boys and men

When does a boy become a man? According to law, it’s 18, but does that mean manhood? There is no clear difference between 17 and 18. During that time, boys are at various stages of maturity. Mentoring inner city teens has certainly shown me that while 1 kid can be very responsible and respectful; another […]

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Summit Episode 63, 7 Ways of a great leader, part 1

What is a leader? Do you think of yourself as one? There are many different ways we can talk about being a leader. On this two part discussion, Charlene and I talk about the everyday actions and attitudes of an effective leader. On the first part, I spend time talking about the Deification of different […]

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Summit Episode 59, 3 Things to unlearn from your school days

Learning comes in all forms and from all directions. When we are in School (K-12), we are introduced to one set of concepts about learning and achievement, but when we move past those years, many of those concepts no longer work. Join us this week to explore the concept of learning, and some things we […]

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Summit Episode 57, 10 Habits to kick…Right now!

We all have habits. Some habits benefit us, and others hold us back. This week, Charlene and I will talk about ten of these habits that can hold you back. Changing a habit starts with changing your mind-set about that habit. We have spoken about habits in the past, and now…we are doing it again.

Dennis […]

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How crying makes you manly

Don’t cry! I am sure we have all heard that a million times in our lives. It starts out when we are kids. If we fall and scrape our legs, we were encouraged not to cry, to suck it up. When we get rejected from the “in crowd” we are told […]

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How to flip the F word

We all have it to one degree or another. Some let it control their lives, and some look it in the eye and move forward anyway. That something is fear. Dictionary.com defines fear as “a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the […]

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The history of self pleasure, getting a grip on it!

It’s a handy topic in deed. Something that has been going on for about a quadrillion years, and for just as long, some people have condemned it, and others benefit from it. What is it? Masturbation. According to statistics, 78% of people masturbate. On average, more men masturbate than women. […]

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Real Eyes. Seeing the blind Part 1.

The damage of stigma is all around us. This stigma causes us to be blind to the individual, and see a blurred stick figure in witch to gawk at. There are so many of these stigmas and misconceptions, it is hard to keep track of them all.

As I do with other types of stigmas, I […]

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Why male friendships have changed

Friendship is one of the most powerful ways that humans connect. The benefits of a strong friendship are numerous, and most people cherish their friends. For many men, forming friendships can be tricky. There are all kinds of stigmas about two men becoming close. I present to you, the crash course […]

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