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Dennis R Sumlin giving speech in Bronx New York

Confidence is the belief in your abilities in a particular area, but core confidence is the belief in yourself and your abilities as a whole. Due to the fact that we are all born with different personalities, it may seem as though some people are just born with confidence. It may seem that it’s something that only certain people have, but that is not true.

We are all capable of developing, or more to reality, returning to our basic sense of core confidence. As a coach, my mission is to help return you to that source of confidence, to help you to live from your soul, which is the essence of who you are as a person and as a man.

At the heart of it, we are all confident integrated spirits having an earthly journey. While walking this journey, we are faced with challenges that take us away from our core, and make us doubt ourselves, our purpose, our manhood, and our value. Society appeals to our ego mind, making us compare, rank, and judge each other and ourselves, while at the same time, we are told to be confident and genuine, but we are never shown or taught how to do that.

The benefits of soul based, core Confidence

The art of communication, effective career planning, healthy relationships, better sex, lower stress, and true happiness all starts with a strong self-confidence and being centered in your soul power.


Do you find it hard to communicate with others? Do you find that you are not sure how to start conversations, keep them going, and make connections with new friends and partners? Do you struggle with what to talk about or find common ground? It does not have to be that way.

After working with me, you will be able to talk to anybody at any time. You will feel more confident when talking to new people, be able to network more effectively, and meet the kind of people you want.

Public Speaking
Does the thought of public speaking make you anxious? Do you feel like you have nothing to say? Do you know that public speaking is the next step in your life but you are not sure how to step into that space?

Whether you have given 0 speeches or 100, I will have you feeling more confident. You will know how to write powerful speeches, use your voice effectively, and move your audience to action.

Whether one-on-one or to millions, all communication is public speaking. Meet quality people, earn more money, and grow as a person all with effective communication.

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Brandon Walker

I met Dennis through our Local Toastmasters club where he served as the president. Any time Dennis delivered a speech, he astonished the crowd with his command of the room and captivating delivery.

Admiring his speech delivery prompted me to ask Dennis for his coaching services. As the Chief of Staff at a Fortune 50 company, I often time find myself having to communicate messages in front of large groups of team members and looked to Dennis to help me become a more effective communicator.

Our sessions were always enjoyable as Dennis does a great job with not only delivering advice on areas where you want to grow, but offering opportunities of growth you may have not realized needed attention. His personable and fun demeanor also makes the sessions up beat. I was able to achieve becoming a better speaker through his specific advice on tone variation and intentional movement during your speech. His advice also helped me with building confidence in being a better speaker.

Dennis comes highly recommended and I believe his services can help not only beginners, but the most experienced speakers looking to sharpen their skills.

Brandon Walker Chief of Staff healthcare Communication Coaching November 15, 2016

Goals and Purpose

Are you somebody that needs more clarity when it comes to goals? Do you find yourself asking “what is my purpose”? Do you want to build a business, provide a service, or pursue a mission that aligns with your values, and you need that accountability partner?

It takes more than just the tools to reach your goals; it takes passion and self-confidence as well. I will help you clarify your values, sidestep self-doubt, and provide you with the methods and support you need to create a business that reflects your deepest most cherished principles.

Relationships and self

Do you find that you continue to attract the same unsupportive and negative people? Do you have feelings of low self-esteem or lack of initiative? Do you want to enhance your sex life or take ownership of your sexuality as a man? Do you want to live a life of low stress and happiness?

Everything you want in the outer world starts on the inside. I will help you realign with your spirit energy, elevate your self-esteem, and actualize your true self as a man.

Don’t just be yourself, be your best self.

Imagine your life as an effective communicator, a proud business owner, a loved and well respected man who can take care of your loved ones and be of service to others. Imagine your life from a place of calm confidence, comfortable with yourself as a man, and able to take on challenges from a place of soul power.

This is all within your reach! I have been the overly anxious dude who shut down in social settings. I have been the man who wanted to achieve big things but was frozen by self-doubt. I struggled with lack of confidence and looking for my manly purpose. I understand it, and I am here to help you with it.

Contact me!

After a 30 minute free session to get to know each other, you will be able to see yourself clearer, and we will move forward with specific methods and strategies tailored to your individual goals.

Each coaching session is 60 minutes, and we will set a coaching schedule that fits your needs. I can work with you regardless of where in the world you reside.

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(If English is not your first language, and you are looking to improve, you can sign up for Conversational English Coaching.)

I also offer astrological coaching.

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