Ever since I was 11 years old, I was interested in speaking and creative art. Starting around that age, I began to create improvisational acting skits on audio cassette. I built the story plot, and I did all of the voices of the characters in the skit. Soon, this led me into amateur music albums, and later vocal lessons.

I had a deep passion for creative expression through voice and words. As I voice lessoned and home made music albummed my way into young manhood, I had amassed lots of cool audio shows and good pop song concepts. If I kept moving in this direction, maybe I could be…you know…out there?

The self ceiling

While I loved the idea of being…you know…out there, the reality of it scared me. I had so many things that scared me.

  • Was I really any good?
  • What would people think of me?
  • What would people say if they got to know me?
  • What if people did not like me, and say very very very mean things about me?

That kind of thinking kept me from taking real action to hone and promote my talents and mission. For a long time, while I continued to create music and audio shows, I mainly kept most of it within my comfort zone of friends, and even with that, I kept lots of stuff to myself.

If you want to become a truly unique presents with your creative craft, you have to put yourself into it, there by, putting yourself out for display. I knew that, so I kept all that deep stuff to myself. Guess what, I got nowhere fast!

Support system

I was lucky to have a nice set of friends who liked what I did. Most people who heard my stuff felt that I could make something of it, but since I did not feel that way, the cycle of dead-end comfort zoning continued.

I was too rapped up with the idea of judgment. The idea that somebody, maybe many somebodies, would not like me, then what would I do? Underneath that thin vale was the fact that I was not confident in my own abilities anyway. You could have 234,000.232 supporters, but if you do not support yourself, then guess what?

Choices, but no choice

As time clicked by, I began to become frustrated at my lack of traction, which was mostly due to myself. I chose jobs that I did not have to show much of myself, while keeping the ever growing catalog in the underwear drawer.

Finally, I had had it. I was scared to show myself to the world, but I was angry at myself for not doing it. I needed to become more confident and comfortable with myself before my next song became Golden Gate Bridge.

This = That

Setting out on this mission of more self comfort was not a short trip. It was full of starts and stops, ups and downs, but it had to be done. I looked at each choice, and looked at the outcome of each choice as realistic as possible.

  • Comfort zone = no criticism, no judgment, and no expectations, playing in my own little world.
  • Comfort zone also = lack of self growth, smothering or diffusion of my passions, self anger, lack of impact on others, lack of fulfillment, and boredom.

After that equation, I had no choice. It was either go big or go home and stay there. I picked myself up, and I made moves. I did not wait until I became confident; I became confident after I did it.

Forward march

When I was in the coach certification program, I was scared that I would fail the course, or make a bad coach, but I kept moving. When I started to blog, I was scared to write my view points and stories, but I started anyway. When I first started giving speeches, I was scared to stand in front of people and talk about me, my ideas, and my message, but I did anyway. When I first started being interviewed, I was scared, and at this writing, I am still insecure about interviews, but I do them anyway. The more I did all these things, the more I became comfortable with my abilities to do them.

If one expects to be an artist, speaker, author, or anything like that, the way you make your mark is to live, as yourself, through your craft. That is when the true flavor seeps out, and the tang of your individual essence can be tasted.

The more autonomous and self owned I become, the better my life is. You will find that the same may be true for you, once you stop being choked by comfort, and grip the neck of life.

How have you gotten past fear and lack of confidence to develop your craft. Let me know in the comments.

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