“Just be honest”. That’s what they say, but is that really that easy? How many people can handle pure honesty? How many people can deliver it in a way that is direct but tactful? Honesty is one of my central values, and this essay takes a look at it.

As you read this writing, ask yourself…How honest are you, Are you just as honest with yourself as with others, and How can you be more honest?

The frankness of honesty.

To be honest is to be truthful, sincere and frank in everything you do. One who is honest is also considerate. The act of sincere honesty does not seek to harm, it seeks to set free, and the art of honesty is delivering it in the most compassionate terms. Whether the truth is cheerful or challenging, I believe one should take care, and be direct, and balance it with tact.

The Strength of the double edge.

The strength of honesty is when we are honest with ourselves. We cannot be truly honest and genuine with others without first being truthful with the one it comes from. The mission of honesty can be a hard one. It requires that we look at ourselves, clearly identify the person in the mirror, and then own what we find.

Honesty requires the drive to find it. The truth seeker seeks it inside and out. It requires openness, exseptdence, and humbleness. Without these elements, we would run from ourselves, live double lives, and hurt others. We must live in honesty as well as speak it.

When we live each day in an honesty lifestyle, we live with self-respect, lower stress, and better relationships with others. We build trust, consistency and happiness among other benefits.

How have you benefited by being more honest? Do you respect honesty from others? Be frank with me…Buddy.


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