As a coach, I am all about helping you live from your core. The core of you is who you are at the deepest level. It’s from this alignment with your soul that will help you achieve great things in life. Our purpose is to be fully integrated with all parts of our self.

As adults, it could be difficult to integrate, to connect to core, and to live from the heart. The good news is that we all start out fully integrated. As children, we come into the world as fully connected beings. We are new to the world and all its potential. Somewhere along the line we get disconnected from our core. Through stigma, trauma, and trials, we get shaped into pretzels of jadedness, shame and guilt.

We can stop this! Just remember what children are like.

Below is a fun but deep speech about reclaiming childlike approaches to life. Not childish, but childlike.

I talk about three qualities.

  • 1. Creativity. The automatic way children use their imagination and invent everything from characters to buildings.

  • 2. Honesty. The way they are unafraid to be themselves, ask questions, and be open.

  • 3. Love. The unconditional way children show love for love’s sake.

Can we manifest that as adults?

Let’s have fun with the audience!

If you want to learn how to manifest more creativity, honesty and love so you can become a self assured, focused high performer, set up a consultation with me.

How being childlike is the adult thing to do. (Audio)

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