Many of us forget this, and many of us did not know this to begin with, but we are all independent. Yes, that’s right, all of us. We are independent from the world around us, and we are independent from the goings on inside.

The feelings and emotions we have feel real. When somebody does something we do not like, we get angry or upset. When somebody brings you your favorite string bean and pickle parm pizza, you are happy.

We are also independent from our own past. We are independent from the mistakes, failures, and even the victories of the past.

The soul

When we dig down to the core, down to the spirit, down to our soul, we find that while we are ankered to this world through our physical body’s, we, our spirit, is a separate thing. We are a spiritual being on an earthly journey.

Passing waves

The feelings and emotions inside of us are passing waves. They come, they go, and we are still hear. Those waves cannot define us, and we are not bound to them. On the average day, we go through a host of different feelings. Anger, excitement, sadness, arousal, and so on.

We are able to feel them and notice them, but they leave us, and they come back, but we are still hear. This, in fact, is a great thing. The fact that our wave like feelings are separate from us means that we can control how much impact they have on us.

When we are angry, we can decide to respond by healthy expression, or we can relax and let the wave pass through. When we feel aroused, we can refocus our sexual energy into something else. When we are sad, we can ride the rainstorm, and still keep our identity.

In much the same way, we can decide how much we are defined by our past. We can continue to define ourselves by failure, or we can choose to except past events while maintaining a healthy self-image.


Just as we can decide how to respond to our own waves and events, we can decide how to respond to other’s idea or image of us. Just because somebody does not like you, does not mean you are unlikable.

I, for one, know what it’s like to allow a negative opinion to color my own image of myself. Once I understood that I am not what others say, it was very freeing. What others say is a reflection of themselves, and not you.

If you can see it

If you can see it, it is not you. As you know, we cannot see our own total physical body unless we stand in a mirror, and the reflection is not us, it is just a reverse image. The same goes for feelings, events, and other people. The fact that we can step back and observe our feelings, means that they are separate from us. The fact that we can look back on our past, and decide how to respond to it, shows that the past did not follow us into the present. Only we allow that.

In control

If you are like me, you will think that this is great news. The fact that we have the final say over what we react to, and how we process life events. The fact that we are not held down by others or the past. The fact that while every day is a new day, our spirit, our soul is in control.

Do you exercise your independence? How do you bypass others opinions of you? Let me know in the comments.

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