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Hello. My name is Dennis R Sumlin, and I am a passionate promoter of positive change. As a Coach, Trainer and Speaker, I specialize in core confidence building and healthy self-esteem. My services help my clients develop their public and interpersonal communication skills, get clarity on long term goals and purpose, and attract the right people into their lives.

My presentations leave people inspired, and ready to take action. I have spoken in front of educational institutions, men’s organizations, disability rights organizations and alike.
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Measuring up to yourself

This presentation talks about the three areas that men can develop for more confidence. Many men deal with a lack of self confidence. Whether from a lack of a role model or from mixed messages from society, I talk about the ways men can become the man they know they can be, using both practical and holistic prospectives.

  • 1. We all have values, whether we know it or not, so know yours.
  • 2. We build confidence by action, not by analyzing.
  • 3. We are it, there is nobody else.

Real Eyes

This presentation discusses blindness in history, and what we still need to do to make the playing field equal for all. I discuss what we still need to do to see humanness over disability.

  • 1. Blind people have experienced the same discrimination as other minorities.
  • 2. Blind people are only limited by other people.
  • 3. We can all make our nation better by including the disabled.

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