The question of what makes a man has been debated over and over for years and years, so why not add one more. This article explores for a moment, what a man is, and how creating fake symbols can distort what a man does, all with a little penis sarcasm thrown in.

What is a man?

What is a man? Well…let’s start with what is a male??? A male is an animal that has a penis. I have a penis, last time I checked, and it is a black one too…cool. Now, on to man. What is a man? Well…a man is what a human male is called. A male deer is called a buck, and so on.

We humans seem to think that we are at the top of the scale when it comes to intelligence, so we have assigned qualities to human males, and those who show those qualities are called men. Now there are the traits that nature has given males. Males are the hunters, the defenders, the sperm planters, and the physically strongers. What comes after that? Human males AKA men, have the natural traits as well, but there are extra things that we humans pressure each other to be.


We come up with silly bull like “real men don’t cry”, real men do not drink Apple Martinis”, “real men do not use helmets”, and other garbich. Some people feel that society is turning men into pussies, and on and on and on. The question is still burning. What is a man? To help us, we can draw conclusions from the qualities that nature has given us. The hunter, defender, sperm planter, and the physically stronger. What does this tell us? Men should be headstrong, have a mind of his own, provide for loved ones, carry the physical and figurative weight on his shoulders, and have an overall dominance about him. All men may not have all of these and related qualities, but it could be said that if you have many of them, you are in good manly shape.

Many of the silly acts that I wrote about earlier are outgrowths of what I just spoke about. For example, men not wearing helmets is a symbol of a man taking a risk, looking danger in the eye, able to take the hard knocks, and other related phraseology. I would say that we need to make sure that we do not get lost in needless symbolisms. A strong manly man does not mean he should never have protection when engaged in sports, riding bikes, and other things.

Not protecting yourself does not mean you are a man, it means you may be a fool. Not drinking flavored alcoholic drinks has nothing to do with manliness, it just means you fell for the bull, and you may be needlessly drinking nasty shit for no reason. There is a time to show your strength, and a time to relax. Defend your family?, Yes. Put yourself in needless danger?, NO. Think for yourself?, Yes, follow others, and think that you are thinking for yourself?, NO. More on this as time goes by…

What are some other qualities of men, and do we take these symbols too far? Let a brother know!

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